Lymphatic Drainage - Spice Girls Blend


Ingredients: pokeroot, hibiscus, echinacea, cleavers & wild cherry bark.

These herbs aid lymphatic purification and support the lymphatic system's ability to carry off waste materials that congest the lymphatic system. This waste material can only be removed by massage, exercise & specific herbs.

When the thoracic duct is stagnant with debris, swelling & tenderness occur in the areas of the lymph nodes.

Use as pure water as you can. Bring water to boil in a pot. Turn off the heat, put 2 Tbsp tea per litre into pot, place lid on pot to keep the very important volatile oils in the pot. Steep for 10-20 min. Pour yourself a cup & pour the rest into a glass or stainless steel thermos for drinking later in the day. If you find the tea bland add more tea. If you find the tea to intense, add more water & use less next time. DO NOT reheat as it destroys the volatile oils.

If you have serious blockage, you may have to have this tea daily for several months before the system is fully drained of all impurities.

Be sure to consult your health practitioner before taking any herbs.

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