Clove Oil


Clove Oil is a natural analgaesic, antimicrobial and antifungal but it is  best known for its antiseptic properties. It is often used to relieve pain caused from a toothache. It is also an effective mosquito repellent.

Cautions: Never use clove oil directly on the skin unless it is diluted with a carrier oil or water. Never ingest clove oil in large quantities, as it is toxic to human cells. Should be avoided by those with kidney or liver damage and if taking blood thinners. Children,  pregnant & breastfeeding women should avoid this oil.


Can you think of anything worse than a toothache! All you can think about is the pain in your head and life just stops.

This is an effective remedy for temporary relief, untill you can get to the dentist.

Dip a cotton bud or cotton swab into clove oil. Wipe excess off on edge of bottle. Put lid back on bottle to prevent contamination.

Apply cotton directly to tooth that hurts. Hold it there and you should feel immediate numbing of the nerve. There may be a hot feeling for a moment but it won't last.

Repeat as soon as pain returns, but remember this is a temporary solution not a permanent fix. And be sure to ring your dentist straight away!

Clove oil can also be used against mould. (see recipes - miscellaneous)

Please see section "Essential Oils - How to Use"  on how to apply the above methods. 


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