1 - Carrier Oils Information

  There are many different types of massage (carrier) oils one can use to blend with Essential Oils. What is important is to know which oils may leave you feeling oily,  have an unusual odour,  go rancid(sour) quicker, cause allergic reactions or irritate the skin.

The following are a few of the most common oils used as a carrier:

Sweet Almond : most popular of the carrier oils - non-greasy & easily absorbed  - do not use if you have nut allergies

Aloe Vera : has great healing properties

Apricot Kernel : moisturizing & nourishing, especially helpful for delicate, mature & sensitive skin  -  good alternative for those with nut allergies

Avocado - use for dry or mature skin, also for those suffering with eczema or psoriasis, blend with Almond or Grapeseed oil

Fractionated Coconut : good for dry skin, does not stain materials, long shelf life

Grapeseed : astringent qualities useful for acne, regenerative & restructuring virtues, moisturizing,  good for oily skin

Jojoba (Ho ho ba) : not an oil but a liquid wax, excellent moisturizer for all types of skin, good for sensitive skin , long shelf life

Macadamia : very emollient therefore great for dry & mature skin, good to use as a base with other carrier oils

Sunflower : good for aged skin, needs to be kept in a cool place due to short shelf life, leaves an oily feel to skin

Wheatgerm : very high in Vit E, nourishing qualities,  blend a small amount with other carrier oils to extend their shelf life,

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