Bergamot CP


Bergamot CP: Citrus bergamia: This oil is has an orange, lemon, citrusy floral aroma.

Uses: Can be used for acne, abscesses, boils, cold sores, anxiety, stress. Is known to be a mood booster.

How to Use: To reduce outbreaks of Acne - Put 5-10 drops of Bergamot oil in a bowl of steaming water. Pull a towel over your head & the bowl & inhale for a few minutes.

To relieve Stress - Add 5-10 drops to the bath and soak in it for 20-30 min.

Reduce Anxiety & Depression - Keep the scent of Bergamont oil near.

Cautions: Because of its phototoxicity, do not use if the area will be exposed to sunlight. Wait 24 hrs. Do not use directly on the skin, be sure to blend with a carrier oil. It is best to be avoided if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Check our  Essential Oils - How to Use  section for different methods of using oils.

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