Hair Care

We've all had one of those "bad hair days" . Essential Oils can work wonders on your hair as well as your scalp.  They can rejuvenate your hair and help control dandruff from a dry, itchy scalp.

 Blend 5 drops of Essential Oil (see first section of essential oils) with 15 drops of a carrier oil. Massage into hair and scalp. Wrap head in a towel to keep warm. (this helps to activate the properties in the oil) for 30 min.

Important : When ready to wash out be sure to put shampoo on hair first, not water. Remember water and oil don't mix and you'll be left with a very greasy head!

Lavender - dandruff, fragrance
Sandalwood - dry and irritated scalp
Rosemary - dandruff, stimulates scalp DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT 
Lemon - cleanses scalp, hair elasticity

Ylang Ylang - balances sebum which is hairs natural oil.
Cedarwood - stimulates scalp, balances production of sebum 
Basil - stimulates the scalp
Eucalyptus - removes dandruff
Frankincense - dry scalp
Myrrh - dry hair and scalp 
Sweet Orange - regulates sebum production
Palmarosa - balances sebum production  
Rose Otto - fragrance, soothes scalp
- dandruff, oily hair 
Tea Tree - dandruff, lice, stimulates scalp, balances sebum production

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